MCT 15 is a scientific breakthrough in low cost, non-toxic fire suppression technology. MCT 15 Water Base coating will expand and forms a thick cellular char blanket (intumescences) when exposed to high temperature. MCT 15 is a fire-Retardant Paint that will reduces excessive heat penetration, minimizes smoke development, and stops flame spread.

1.       Base Coat applied with Trowel or Spray onto foam surface

2.       Top Coat applied like latex coating (Airless, Roll, and Brush)

3.       Dries to matte finish

4.   Passed UBC 26-2

5.   Flame Spread index: 0 & Smoke Developed Index: 10 when tested accordance with ASTM E-84, Class A

6.   Low Odor

7.   No unpleasant odor during application

8.   Non-toxic in both the liquid and in dried forms

9.  Washes without spotting or loss of intumescence

MCT 15                     Top Coat Packaged in 1, 5, or 55 -Gallon Pails            Base Coat in 50 lb Bags.

All surfaces should be cleaned from oil, dust, grease, and any silicone contaminants before application of MCT 15.  Loose or powdery paint and water-soluble coatings such as glue should be removed.  Glossy area should be dulled.  Unpainted substrates should be primed with Mater Paint Water Borne Sealer primer. Product is ready to use once you shake or Stir content.  

Never mix this product with other paint or solvents.  Add water to Base coat. No reduction required for Top Coat.

Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 50 F.  Only experienced, Certified painter will apply this coating.   



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