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 Here at Master Paint Technology we understand that the use of STYROFOAM in buildings, housing, and heated swimming pools is expanding worldwide.  More in-ground spa and swimming pools are being insulated with STYROFOAM during construction; saving on heating costs by retaining their R-value over the life of the pool.  Master Paint Technology's Superior Water Resistance Pool Coating was specifically manufactured for Styrofoam pools.  With it's easy application, variety of colors (custom colors available), and water proof barrier, your pool will last longer and even save you time and money.

STYROFOAM offers excellent long term R-values.
The R values of STYROFOAM insulation per unit thickness are superior to most alternative common insulation products of reasonable price.
For STYROFOAM more than other insulation foams, the R-value increases (i.e. better insulation) for lower temperatures.
STYROFOAM can and has been used in applications as low as -170 degrees C.

Superior Water Resistance Pool Coating enables resistance from all forms of water and moisture penetration.
here are no long term moisture sensitivity concerns when specifying STYROFOAM insulation.
 The closed cell structure and cell shape of Styrofoam along  with Superior Water Resistance Pool Coating on it's surface results in no voids between cells; assuring uniformity, predictability and stability of physical and thermal properties.


Superior Water Resistance Pool Coating Preparation

  1. Mix the catalyst and pool coating (5 gallon volume at a time)
  2. Add the sand (amount will be provided)
  3. Mix well Use immediately

NOTICE: Pot life: Pool Coating dries by the use of catalyst.  DO NOT mix in high volume.  Maximum volume to be made at a time should be 5 gallons.  When prepared use immediately. 

Application Technique

  1. Work in small sections (6x6) at a time
  2. Apply self adhesive mesh onto polystyrene
  3. Trowel on pool coating (1/8 inch in thickness)
  4. Trowel again to smoothen the surface
  5. Move on to next section and prepare more pool coating (5 gallons)



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