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Techni -100 ICF

Here at Master Paint Technology we strive to be the best in order to provide more efficient products for our consumers.  Techni-100 offers beauty, economy, and style for all our ICF consumers.    We stand behind our products offering a 10 year warranty on our Techni-100.  Here are just some more benefits you should consider:
  • Looks and Stays Beautiful

  • High Impact Resistance

  • Superior Bond Strength

  • High Flexibility, Resistant to Chipping and Debonding

  • Resists Cracking Caused by Temperature Changes

  • Excellent Water Resistance (Moisture Proof) Yet Breaths

  • Reduces Chance of Rotting, Mildew or toxic mold formation

  • Flame Resistant

What is ICF?

ICF Form

Styrofoam & Expanded Polystyrene


Insulating concrete forms (ICF's) are hollow foam forms that crews stack into the shape of the exterior walls of a building.  As they build the walls, reinforcing steel bar is snapped in place.  They then pour concrete inside, creating a foam-concrete sandwich.  The rest of the house or commercial building will be exceptionally strong, energy efficient, quiet, mold free, comfortable, and durable which can be built in any style.

What is the application process of Techni-100 on ICF?

  • Apply 4.5-oz/yd2 self-adhesive fiberglass mesh directly to ICF Foam.

  • Apply Techni-100 as a Base Coat directly to Reinforcing Mesh with trowel to cover mesh completely.                                                

  • Apply and level Finish Coat during same operation to minimum obtainable thickness consistent with uniform coverage.

  • Maintain a clean edge on trowel by applying and texturing continually over the wall surface.

  • To achieve final texture apply Techni-100 desired finish (Fine, Medium, Coarse) with trowel, hopper gun, and approved pump equipment.

  • Use a circular motion when spraying Techni-100.

  • Applying with hopper gun, use a circular overlapping pattern.

  • Keep the spray gun at a 90 angle to the surface and maintaining the same distance to the surface at all times.

  • Be cautious of flooding an area with too much finish because it may appear shinier when it dries.

  • Important: Always maintain a clean edge. To avoid unsightly color variations or visible lines

  • Apply finish continually up to corners, joints or other natural breaks, and do not allow finish to stop or set up within an unbroken wall surface.

  • Protect from rain and from temperatures less than 50 F for 24 hours.

  • Provide longer protection as necessary during lower temperatures and/or higher humidity conditions


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