900 sq.ft front Courtyard block/stucco wall est.   

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Techni-100 offers beauty, economy and style. Techni-100 is a high quality, high build, 100% acrylic elastomeric water            based coating.  It provides long-term protection over wide variety of substrates such as stucco, EIFS, wood, EPS, concrete, and brick.  It has an excellent UV resistance with micro fibers.  A 4.5 Ounce Fiber Glass Alkali resistant Mesh is required.  This product requires no additional use of cement for your commercial and residential finishes.  Over the life of your          home or building, expect fewer call backs and less painting or crack repairs for long term low maintenance and savings. Techni-100 is an Acrylic Top Coat pre-mixed, ready-to-spray or trowel.   

1.       Spray able or trowel product

2.       Easy to Use

3.       Low V.O.C.

4.       Fire Retardant (Protects from Flame Spread)

5.       Freeze Protection (Surface is protected from freezing conditions once applied)

6.       Superior Vapor Permeability

7.       Superior Bond Strength

8.       High impact resistance

9.       High Flexibility

10.    No unpleasant odor during application

11.    Non-toxic in both the liquid and in dried forms

12.    Water base product for easy cleaning of equipment

13.    Saves additional Labor Cost up to 50%

14.    Ready Mixed ready to use

15.    Easy to spray

TEST                                                                      METHOD                               RESULT                             

SURFACE BURNING                            ASTM E-84                   FLAME SPREAD - 0   

ELONGATION                                                                          AVERAGE STRAIN (IN/IN) 468.75 @ 408 psi                               

WATER VAPOR TRANSMISSION       ASTM E-96                     26 GRAINS 16 DAYS                                                                         

SALT FOG RESISTANCE                               ASTM B-117                          NO CHANGE AFTER 300 HOURS                                                  

ACCELERATED WEATHERING                   ASTM G-152                         2000 HOURS NO SIGNIFICANT DELETERIOUS EFFECT        

ABSORPTION FREEZE THAW                           EIMA 101.01                           NO DELETERIOUS EFFECTS @ 60 CYCLES                             

WATER RESISTANCE                                   ASTM D-2247                       NO DELETERIOUS EFFECTS @ 28 DAYS                                   

MILDEW RESISTANCE                                  ASTM 810                              NO GROWTH AFTER 28 DAYS                                                       

Techni-100                           Packaged in 5 Gallon Pails (19 L). 

15 colors in stock. (Custom color also matching available).  

All surfaces should be cleaned from oil, dust, grease, free of frost, damage, any silicone and other foreign contaminants before application of Techni-100.  Loose or powdery paint and damaged materials must be removed and repaired.  Glossy area should be dulled. 

Mix with a clean, rust-free electric or air drill at slow speed paddle mixer thoroughly.  Small amount of clean water can be added to pails during hot temperature to aid workability.   

Never mix this product with other paint or solvents. 

Do not apply when area and surface temperatures are below 40 F.  Surface should be frost-free.  The material is designed for application only by trained personal.


Use equipment under controlled conditions. Before opening the packages, read all warning labels.  Always check color for proper match.  Follow all precautions.  If color does not match, Stop call your Master Paint Representative. Ambient and surface temperatures must be above 40 F (4 C) and below 100 F (38 C) during application and drying period.  Apply T 100 in continuous application, always working wet edge or architectural break to eliminate cold joints.  Minor shade variations may occur from batch to batch (refer to batch number on the pail).  Avoid application in direct sunlight.  This product designed to be applied with clean spray equipment or clean trowel. Spraying product should be done in circular motion to avoid shadowing.  4.5 oz fiberglass alkali resistant mesh is required before application of Techni 100. Protect installed product from rain and continuous high humidity until completely dry.  After application if freezing condition occurs (over night) the product will not be effected.

Dry Time Top Coat

@ 77 F (21 C)                  Set to Touch = 1 hour,

@ 50% RH                            Dry time = 24 hours, depending on climate. Drying time can be greatly affected by temperature and humidity.

Recommended film

Thickness:                            1/8 inch

Gloss:                                    Flat

Shelf life:                      One year, if protected from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures and properly stored and sealed.

Storage:                                 One year, Protect from freezing. Store in a cool, dry area tightly sealed.  Protect from extreme heat freezing, (35 - 100 F) (1.66 - 37.77 C) and direct sunlight.  

  As with any construction coating, exercise care when handling equipment and product.  Use adequate ventilation, safety goggles and protective gloves when handling this product. This is a water base product.   Collect all spills with absorbent material.  Dispose with local, state or federal regulations.  Clean up may be done with soap and water.  If in contact with eye flush your eyes immediately with clean water for 10 to 20 minutes and contact physician. 


Warning:  Keep container closed when not in use.  Keep out of reach of children. For trained personnel use only.  Refer to MSDS for further health and safety information. 


  ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT: This product is formulated Free of lead and chromate hazards.